Our history

History of AVHI

Our history


Foundation of the Venezuelan Hydrocarbon Association (AVHI), activities start


Leading participation in the Committee for the Development of Offshore Gas Licenses (COSPANGAS)


Joint project between AVHI – Arthur D. Little on corporate and social responsibility and national investment


AVHI’s recommendations on contracts of migration to joint ventures (EEMM)


Dialogue table with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines for the exclusion of Brent crude oil, and use the Venezuelan basket as reference for the calculation of the windfall profits tax

2015 - 2009

Dialogue between the Ministry – AVHI: evaluation and proposal of trust agreements and broad agenda


Participation in the National Council of Productive Economy for stabilization and economic recovery plan (elimination of exchange control)

2022 - 2018

Preparation and presentations of technical studies on “several recommendations for the efficiency and productivity of the hydrocarbon industry in Venezuela” for state organizations and business associations


Preparation of technical studies on “the unintended consequences of sanctions on the hydrocarbon industry in Venezuela: Flexibility of licenses and comfort letters”

2024 - 2022

Proposals and technical studies on several topics, including government take, measures for economic equilibrium of upstream natural gas industry, review of the hydrocarbon regulatory framework