Our Activities

Institutional Activities

Studies on the Regulatory Framework: i.e. government take

Recommendations for a regulatory and fiscal framework that stimulates a competitive and attractive business model for private investment in the oil and gas sector.

Institutional Activities

Government Take

Institutional Activities

Natural Gas Business

Natural Gas Business Development

Ensure adequate conditions for the development of the natural gas industry (production and commercialization)

Interinstitutional alliances

Promote relationships and synergies with public organizations and business associations:

Working groups with the Venezuelan Oil Chamber and the Venezuelan Association of Gas Processors

Members of the Economics and Petroleum Technical Board of the Boston Group/ Technical Tables with UNDP

Guests on the CONAPRI Energy Committee

Relations with other business associations: VENAMCHAM, FEDECAMARAS, FEDEINDUSTRIA

Review of technical aspects with the Energy Commission of the National Academy of Engineering and Habitat and the Venezuelan Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Institutional Activities


Academic Activities

Academic Activities

Support in the organization and teaching of classes in various training programs in the hydrocarbon sector:

UCV Oil Policy and Trade Specialization

International Diploma in Hydrocarbon Management Training from IESA

Specialization in Natural Gas Business Management

Strategic Communications Plans

Strategic action planning through the development of Heat/Audience Maps (Stakeholders Map) to define strategic messages towards public policy makers, within the framework of the interests of our members:

Governance and energy policy: Ministry of Petroleum, PDVSA and other entities of the Venezuelan State.

Mitigating the unintended consequences of sanctions: International community

Institutional messages: Business associations and other civil society entities

Strategic Communications Plans