Venezuelan Hydrocarbon Association

We are a civil association that brings together international (IOC’s), national (NOC’s) and private Venezuelan energy companies, which participate in oil and natural gas exploration and production activities upstream

About us

Our principles and values

  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • National capabilities and professional development


Strengthen the dialogue and cooperation between the private business sector with the State and civil society regarding the sustainable development of the hydrocarbon industry in Venezuela


A solid and respected institution for its contribution to the sustainable and transparent development of the hydrocarbon industry

Venezuelan Hydrocarbon Association

Our services



Coordination for the preparation of strategic plans and action programs that address needs and interests in the hydrocarbon sector.


Preparation of economic, technical, legal and statistical studies according to common interests and positions, and bringing consensus proposals to the respective authorities.


Systematically Inform and present AVHI members’ contributions to the economic and social development of the country.

Strategic Analysis

Study and preparation of environmental analysis and communication strategies with interest groups: Institutional messages and audience maps.

Our activities

Institutional Activities