About us

20 years contributing to the sustainable development of the hydrocarbon industry in Venezuela

About us

Our principles and values

  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • National capabilities and professional development


Strengthen the dialogue and cooperation between the private business sector with the State and civil society regarding the sustainable development of the hydrocarbon industry in Venezuela.


A solid and respected institution for its contribution to the sustainable and transparent development of the hydrocarbon industry.

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Explore the history of our company and learn about the milestones that have made us what we are today.

Our services



Coordination for the preparation of strategic plans and action programs that address needs and interests in the hydrocarbon sector.


Preparation of economic, technical, legal and statistical studies according to common interests and positions, and bringing consensus proposals to the respective authorities.


Systematically Inform and present AVHI members’ contributions to the economic and social development of the country.

Strategic Analysis

Study and preparation of environmental analysis and communication strategies with interest groups: Institutional messages and audience maps.

Our members


Our team

Estructura Organizativa

AVHI Executive Team

To carry out the institution’s activities, the Executive President, with AVHI’s team, proposes and executes action plans that meet the needs and requirements of its members within the framework of the hydrocarbon business’s sustainability.

AVHI Executive President

Cristina Tovar Leopardi
Email: [email protected]

A corporate and tax lawyer in the private sector, Ms. Tovar has over 35 years of experience in tax consulting, corporate strategic planning, administrative and judicial procedures in tax matters, foreign investments, exchange regulations, corporate law, with main clients related to the automotive sector, industrial production, services and the aeronautical sector, and the hydrocarbon sector.

She graduated (JD) from the Andrés Bello Catholic University in 1988. She studied a Specialization in Tax Law at the Central University of Venezuela (1991); a Master’s degree (LLM) from Boston University in International Banking Law and Financial Services Regulations (1994), and obtained a Master of Public Policy and Administration and International Taxes (ITP/MPA) from Harvard University (John. F. Kennedy School of Law and School of Government (1997). Ms. Tovar was awarded the Lucius Littauer Award from Harvard University (KSG) and was a Fundayacucho scholarship recipient.

Completed the Hydrocarbon and Natural Gas Management Programs at IESA, and the Diploma in ‘International Tax Law and Negotiation of Double Taxation Agreements’ at UCAB.

As part of experience in public policy consultancy, Ms. Tovar worked on consulting projects with Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), in Income Tax, VAT, Tax on Fixed Assets, Specific Tax on Alcohol and reform and restructuring of Tax and Customs Administrations (in Mexico, Indonesia, Sri -Lanka, Kenya, Zambia and Puerto Rico).

Linkedin: Cristina Tovar


Carlos E. Sánchez Piñerúa
Email: [email protected]

Economist graduated from Central University of Venezuela in 2021.

Master in Finance from IESA in 2024.

He studies a Specialization in Oil Trade and Policy at the Central University of Venezuela.

He joined the Venezuelan Hydrocarbons Association as Economist in 2020. Actually, he remains as Director (acting) and Secretary of the AVHI’s Steering Committee.

His research work has focused on: fiscal and tax impact on the profitability of oil production projects; structured financing schemes for natural gas production projects; long-term oil production prediction methods; and the economic evaluation of O&G projects based on the prospects of the oil basket.

Linkedn: Carlos Ernesto Sánchez Piñerúa

AVHI Steering Committee

It comprises a senior manager from each company who acts as Director within this Steering Committee.

Annual elections are held at the General Assembly to elect the President (Chairperson) and two Vice Presidents (Vice-Chairpersons) of the Steering Committee.


First Vice-Chairperson

Second Vice-Chairperson

Secretary of the Steering Committee and of the General Assembly